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April, 2006 - Nr. 4

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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

Glorious rain cleansed the city and gave much needed nourishment to our vegetation. With the last bit of winter-grime gone we can now enjoy watching the flowers bloom in our own gardens instead of having to go to a garden show.

My backyard unfortunately looks like a disaster zone from all the renos in my new abode. Hopefully that will be a thing of the past soon, or else I will not be able to prepare my backyard as my summer outdoor living room, where my family, friends, neighbours and all the hood’s animals can enjoy life together. I already spotted my favourite type of squirrel - a silver coated one - songbirds of all varieties, one very prominent Robin, cats of all kinds…but no racoons yet.

I must say I enjoy the new area we live in. It is a quiet residential street, rather then a main road, where we lived before. The people are definitely nicer.

Last week I was struggling to get a bunch of boxes to the curb through the front door and a young man from a cross the street saw me and came running to help! I would have given him a medal had I had one handy.

There is also a park around the corner and dog owners parade by with their pooches, some of them a spectacular variety. All of them are very friendly and communicative. What pleases me the most is that there appear to be quite a few artists living in the immediate vicinity, and next door, a massage expert! The young lady specializes in relaxation methods the Swedish way, but has other techniques in her professional bag. This is just what I need after the traumatic experience of moving and getting settled in. Now it is more fun. Creating the new spaces in a pleasing and aesthetic way is a game I much enjoy.

I have not had much time for my friends, old or new, the social circuit did not see much of me, even my favourite art venues suffered a bit. But I am back now and willing to play, so watch out; I might just be there.

Easter is around the corner. I missed Christmas but will do an extra big number on this next festivity to make up for it. Easter is about new beginnings, new life and spiritual eternity. The quality in which this takes place is determined by how we play the game. So perhaps this is an even better time to re-evaluate some of our life’s conditions and postulate changes for a better future, make plans and turn them into realized projects.

Some re-planning for the paper has to occur too. Being an Aries I always want to revamp not only my house but also my work area in spring, just to keep things interesting. If you have any idea or want to let me know what you would like to see…or more of…please feel free to let us know.

Have a Happy Easter!

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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