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 July 2008 - Nr. 7
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

Summer is here, pleasant and divine, not too hot yet and even bearable in the city, which is an important fact when we consider that gasoline has become too expensive for some families to be able to afford a lot of trips outside of our city perimeters. I am glad to have a small, but nice garden in which flowers flourish and the wind Happy birthday, Canada!blows almost all the time, at least a little bit. Perhaps it is because we are located on the first major escarpment that overlooks the city’s downtown core. I now understand why Casa Loma was built on this level. It is a most advantageous spot.

From this location all Metro amenities are easily available, if need be by public transport. If it were not for a really silly accident, I would have enjoyed the last month tremendously, it had so much diversity to offer. But this car accident, caused by a woman driver on the cell phone, threw a bit of a wrench into our otherwise harmonious life. Dealing with car insurance companies’ and agents is truly a nerve wrecking activity that always makes me ask the question: are they working for me or the other guy or some unknown entity? If you have had bad experiences with car insurance I would like to hear about it. I think this is worth investigating more closely.

And while we are speaking of writing in for stories: We are still looking for more accounts of immigrants: Why did you come here and what were your first impressions/feelings/experiences - good or bad?

We want to launch this series in the fall. Hopefully your human interest story is one of them! If anyone has already written in and offered but has not heard from me, please, write again, computer glitches can happen and I might not have been aware of your mail, because the spam filter threw it out. Unfortunately it is necessary to maintain one since we get thousands of spam mails every day.

Our pleasant excitements came from concerts and of course the EU Soccer Cup. There is nothing quite like watching an important game together with your compatriots. Germany did not quite make it to 1st place, but that is ok and not half as bad as not making it at all, like England , which did not even quality! This newer German team was 3rd in the last World Cup, now 2nd in the EU Cup. Who knows, in 2 years they might make 1st place in the next World Cup! That is definitely something to shoot and to hope for as the members of this group become more and more of a cohesive team.

Of great concern was the matter of Bill C-51 and C-52, which is an ongoing situation until these bills are defeated and defeated they must be, and permanently. Let us not get lulled into complacency! There are only 2 months to organize and plan on how to do that and many organizations are working on that. They need the public’s help to pull it off. Our freedom of choice and a huge amount of the natural alternative supplement industry are at stake!

Our front page depicts a memorial in New Hamburg, Ontario, rather than the usual July cover to commemorate Canada Day. We chose this universal scene and the sentiment behind it as something very Canadian for all of us to consider, even if it is summer and we really do not feel like doing a lot of hard thinking.

As I am writing this I just received an email telling me of this unique Date on the calendar: Sunday, July 6th at 4 minutes and five seconds after 3 am reads as follows: 03:04:05:06/07/08.

What a fun little bit of trivia! Thanks Boe Hladysh of the Hansa Club, which is going to participate in Carabram again this year. Check it out and come out. We will see you there! This and other fun activities will keep our summers full and interesting! Protect yourselves well from the sun but collect enough rays to reap the benefits, like the collecting and building of certain vitamins…which brings me back to Bill C-51.

Don’t forget!
See you around!
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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