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 August 2008 - Nr. 8
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

This summer, you must agree, is much easier on us than the one of last year. Personally I do not feel the need to escape as frequently, since temperatures did not go over the 30 degree Celsius mark often. But when they do we packed a picnic and made our way to Lake Erie and our most favorite spot, Long Point, which reminds us so of the Baltic Sea. It is almost like being "back home".

This feeling of "at home" will never quite leave first generation immigrants. We look for it wherever we go shopping, dining, vacationing, and in our entertainment. Luckily there are a few choices out there to support this yearning. The Kaerntner Doppelsextett did for Austrians what they desire most, namely bring the old homestead to Canada. But the attending German-Canadians from other regions equally enjoyed this fabulous ensemble.

The Swiss celebrated their National Holiday in style at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto and the German Canadian Club Hansa in Mississauga offered up good portions of German culture at Carabram.

Living in Toronto has its advantages. Every culture of the planet is somehow, somewhere represented. This year North America’s biggest festival, Caribana, was elevated into the hallowed halls of the Royal Ontario Museum with a fabulous exhibit appropriately called Roots of Rhythm.

I hear that there is a German exhibit in the planning, and we will keep you posted all the way! As a matter of fact, German culture has hit again the mainstream this year with a most unusual venue in a most prestigious place. The Stratford Festival (it has been called the Walhalla of the Anglo Saxon’s) is presenting Lessing’s Emilia Galotty in the German Language! On November 6, opening night, the Goethe Institute is arranging for a bus that is free to ticket holders for that night. Get your tickets by calling the box office at 1.800.567.1600 and refer to code 22572, then call the institute. This is a first come first serve situation…..If the bus is full you will have to find your own way there. I can promise you an outstanding experience! It is suggested that you wear formal attire for opening night!

Finishing the renovationsCloser to home and our creature comforts I have to report that the long missed Woodhouse proprietor Bernard and his terrific wife Teresa are back with another venue. It is called the Schnitzel Queen, a takeout and counter eatery with all your favorite European not too fast foods prepared the home-cooked way. It is located on Queen Street East, south side, at the east side of Sherbourne. Go check it out and take home a few Schnitzel sandwiches or some awesome polish sausage on your way from work or during lunch time, or call them at 416-363-9176 and get reacquainted. They can also cater your next event or prepare any sort of home cooked meals for you.

In the meantime let us enjoy the rest of summer. I know we will. And please forgive us the small issue. We simply are having too much fun to work too hard at this time of year. Perhaps we see each other at the Hansa Haus picnic?

Until then!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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