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 October 2008 - Nr. 10
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

The end of summer brought us finally what we have been waiting for the last few months: a more sunny autumn. With this lovely weather we started a fall season like no other before. Especially the 19th Anniversary of the Unification of Germany Celebration became the most spectacular we have had to date. We have no doubt that it is to the credit of the newest German Consul General, Mr. Holger Raasch, and his amazing team that the communities of German cultural background are coming together in such unprecedented numbers to celebrate all that is German here and abroad. His ability to engage people of all backgrounds and to organize them into fruitful activities has been astounding. We hear nothing but praise for the interest he is showing in our affairs and his willingness to help. On the front page you see a montage of photos taken at the reception for the German National Holiday. The background is photographed off a screen showing slides of the historic events that led up to unification. In the foreground we see some of the major players at the local celebration on October 2nd, 2008, Toronto.

Next year the party will in all likelihood be even bigger, if not better, which is hardly possible. Perhaps an even more accurate prediction on the amount of beer that will be consumed, especially the delicious Weiss Bier that was introduced, could possibly heighten the degree of success.

Culturally we are enjoying Octoberfests all around. Whenever we can we attend, but some we must miss unfortunately. But we would enjoy getting your comments and a few photos, by email, to let us know how your festivities went! You can send them to

There were a number of interesting concerts, among them a Ute Lemper performance at Roy Thomson Hall, which was impossible to attend due to the German National Holiday Celebration.

Lynn McKague in conversation with Glenn GouldHowever, we did kick of the Via Salzburg season with the winner of the season tickets, Mrs. Lynne McKague, depicted here in deep conversation with Glenn Gould in front of the CBC Building that houses the exquisite studio concert hall of the same name.

With the heightened interest in German Canadian affairs it also becomes necessary to find ways to organize even better, and thus a forming of a Working Association between German Canadian clubs and organizations is being discussed. In the past there had been a German Canadian Business and Professional Organization that lasted for 50 years, which was more or less taken over by the Canadian German Chamber of Commerce, who started to organize the annual Gala Ball. With shrinking local memberships and participation it has been up to the corporate culture to keep up appearances and carry a large part of the cost for such an event. Local smaller businesses are no longer represented in any noticeable numbers during activities and are not a part of this structure since the Business Association was abandoned. The two organizations actually pursued different goals and purposes and only had the ball and a Christmas party in common. The pleasant and informative luncheons have also fallen by the wayside.

This year the Chamber was unable to raise enough funds to include the media into the celebrations, unless representatives pay for their own attendance. This is a bit unusual and therefore we will not be reporting on this event for the first time. If our publication would have to pay everywhere for the privilege of reporting we would be bankrupt in a few month and not still be here after nearly 20 years of publishing. There are many other German Canadian events that we can cover that we hope you find equally interesting, such as the German Pioneers Day the day after Thanksgiving, which will be celebrated in more than one location this year and you are invited to participate. I hope to see you in great numbers at the noon hour Flag Raising Ceremony at Queens Park, and after wards, in the late afternoon in Kitchener at City Hall.

Until then

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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