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 April 2009 - Nr. 4
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern

Mississauga, ON — Ontario’s travelling Easter egg farmer, Bruce Weber, will be making his way across the province during the first week of April to kick-off his annual egg education tour.
Funded by Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO), Weber travels to fairs and events across Ontario talking with consumers and students about eggs and egg farming.

"Our goal is to explain how fresh Ontario eggs get from farm to table, and that includes explaining the different options available when selecting eggs this Easter," said EFO Chair Carolynne Griffith.

Eggs purchased from Ontario grocery store shelves travel from farm to table in approximately 4 to 7 days. Consumers have access to a variety of choices at the egg counter which include classic eggs (white and brown), Omega-3, free-run, organic and vegetarian.

"Our family first started producing eggs for the Easter Bunny in 1920. Although times and technology have changed, the level of care today’s modern egg farmers give to their hens remains the same," said Bruce Weber.

In 2007, Weber traded in the "home farm" for a new mobile egg farm also known as the Egg Education Trailer. A scaled-down version of a modern egg farm, the Egg Education Trailer, shows how laying hens are fed and cared for, and how eggs are collected and graded. It is home to 8 white and 8 brown hens.

Weber and the Egg Education Trailer will be making various stops across Ontario.

Egg Farmers of Ontario is a non-profit association that represents approximately 400 egg and pullet farmers.


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