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 April 2009 - Nr. 4
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

Sometime in the last week spring decided to arrive, not just on the calendar but in fact, and notably in my garden. The entire household came out to admire the arrival of our first Robin, the one that returns every year as the first sign of winter’s passing. And it was only a few days later that I heard in the early evening hours, when it was still a bit light outside, the unmistakable staccato of a woodpecker. I could not see him, but I heard him and so did the entire neighborhood.

After a light rain shower suddenly crocus bloomed on my lawn. I had already given up hope to see any of them this year. Tulips and Daffodils are also showing courage, and in the window box some herbs like French Tarragon and Chives are pushing through the surface. What a delight!

The cats are chewing on the very short but already visible blades of green grass and watch birds and squirrels with a vary eye. They have already given up trying to catch one of them. Let us hope that they are not crowned with success in their game.

Easter preparations
Easter preparations

All this is happening with Easter just around the corner and I hope that the weather stays balmy enough to force nature into more growth so we might hide a few eggs outside this year.

Well, I can dream, can I not? The fondest memories of my early childhood centre around spring time and Easter. Never will I forget the walks over meadows strewn with Primroses near bushes with bright green buds, little ducklings marching to the pond with their mother, and daffodils in vases with fresh greens on a festively set table with colourful eggs and all sorts of other Easter delights. Unforgettable too is the walk to church in a new dress and new shoes. Everything appeared bright and new and cheerful. People smiled a lot and lingered instead of rushing around. Family visits were made, meals shared, stories told and often a communal afternoon walk would unite us in admiration of nature.

And then there also was the beginning of a new school year just at that time at Easter, another reason to be excited. These memories will always stay with me, even if in Canada winter often has us still in its clutches when in Europe trees are already in bloom. After over 40 years in this country I am still not quite used to the late arrival of spring but deal with it best as a I can by creating illusions inside the house and by not giving up any of our old customs.

Our front page indicates that Easter is in limbo between the white snow of winter and the green grass of spring. Hopefully you too will honour the traditions of old.

We wish you all a very happy Easter!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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