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 April 2009 - Nr. 4
Happy Easter - Frohe Ostern

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) invites all Canadians to move and be moved in celebration of International Dance Day, April 29. On this day, CDA members will host an array of performances, workshops and activities across the country to promote Canadian dance and engage in community spirit. The Canadian Dance Assembly is a national organization representing the interests of over 350 dance professionals and organizations from across Canada and recognizes the UNESCO International Dance Day annually.

Initiated in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute (, International Dance Day falls on April 29 of every year, commemorating the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, a distinguished choreographer that brought about significant reforms in ballet production. Every year, an international message authored by a well-known dance personality is circulated around the world as part of International Dance Day celebrations. Additionally, since 2005, the Canadian Dance Assembly has issued a Canadian message in conjunction with the UNESCO message.

This year the Canadian Dance Assembly invited Nico Archambault, dancer extraordinaire and winner of the inaugural season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, to author a message to all Canadians. Together with his longtime dance partner and girlfriend, Wynn Holmes, they expressed a compelling message that reflects the inner-dancer in all of us:

"Dance... without music - we will dance without a stage - we will dance without an audience, a rehearsal, or a piece of choreography - we will dance"

The International Dance Day Message, commissioned by ITI – UNESCO, has been written this year by Akram Khan. Khan has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades and is a highly acclaimed choreographer living and working in Britain today. His message is as follows:

"This very special day is dedicated to the one language that everybody in this world can speak, the inherent language of our bodies and our souls, of our ancestors and of our children. This day is dedicated to every god, guru and grandparent that ever taught and inspired us, To every song and impulse and moment that's ever moved us to move. It is dedicated to the little child that wishes it could move like its star, And to the mother who says, 'you already can'. This day is dedicated to every body of every creed, colour and culture that carries the traditions of its past into stories of the present and dreams of the future.
This day is dedicated to Dance, to its myriad dialects and its immense power to express, transform, unite and delight."

In order to commemorate International Dance Day 2009, members of the Canadian Dance Assembly have assembled an eclectic line-up of dance activity throughout the country. The following two pages provides an overview of some of the highlighted activities.

British Columbia Vancouver celebrates International Dance Day with a series of free events to celebrate the diversity of BC’s dance scene. At the Scotiabank Dance Centre, Kinesis Dance will give a sneak preview of their new work Box4, Eleonora Acuña will lead an open class and give a flamenco demonstration, Michelle Olson/Raven Spirit Dance will host a pow-wow class and informal showings will be presented by a variety of local artists. Events around the city include Jojo Zolina’s Waaking and Vogueing group, La Douche, which will give impromptu street performances in Vancouver’s downtown core. As well, dance book and photograph exhibits will be held at the Vancouver Public Library and the Scotiabank Dance Centre. For more information on these activities phone (604) 606-6400 or visit
In Victoria, Dance Victoria will present Hubbard Street Dance Chicago April 29 and 30 at 8pm at the Royal Theatre. For ticket information visit

Alberta In Edmonton, Mile Zero Dance presents a smorgasbord of free dance in and around Churchill Square over the lunch hour on April 29. This event takes on the form of a walking tour. In Calgary, Blue Collar Dance hosts a free lunch hour demonstration May 1 with various dance styles being presented in the Jack Singer Concert Hall lobby. For more information on the International Dance Day events taking place across Alberta, please visit

Saskatchewan Saskatchewan will mark International Dance day with a new annual event, the Movers and Shakers Dance Festival. This fun-filled celebration will bring together Saskatchewan’s dance community at the Refinery Arts and Spirit Centre in Saskatoon. Performances, dance parties and workshops will take place between April 30-May 3. Also on May 2 and 3, dancers have the opportunity to take class from the finalists of So You Think You Can Dance Canada and USA. These touring workshops are a great opportunity for dancers to learn from experts in their field and are not to be missed. For more information on these events, or to register for the workshops visit

Manitoba Leading up to International Dance Day, Dance Manitoba will also host the highly anticipated workshops led by guest teachers from the hit TV shows So You Think You Can Dance Canada and USA. Classes will be held in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Breakdance, April 19 between 10am – 2:30pm. As well, in celebration of International Dance Day, Mouvement/Winnipeg Dance Projects will present Landscape Dancing at 1pm April 29. The event takes place at the Manitoba Legislative Ground. For more information on these activities email or visit

Ontario Dance Umbrella of Ontario proudly presents a free afternoon of activity at Yonge-Dundas square April 26. Between 1-5pm the square will be alive with bboy battles, capoeira matches, Nia demonstrations, contemporary choreography, belly dancing and more. There will also be open classes, interactive dance presentations and information available on other free public events taking place that week, including a special Open House by Toronto’s COBA Collective. Spectators may get recruited to participate in The Ministry of Silly Walks Walk - A -Thon, a wild and wacky public fundraising event in support of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, Ontario Chapter (CADA - ON). Inspired by the famously absurd 1970’s Monty Python comedy skit, this walk-a-thon takes place at 5:30pm on April 29. Afterwards, artists are welcome to join CADA - ON at the Centre for Social Innovation in a knowledge café from 6-7 pm. This workshop aims to provide an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface collective knowledge, share ideas and insights.

Members of Dance Ontario will be performing around the province, including TILT sound + motion Slept Away at the Sheridan Auditorium in Sudbury Apr. 28-29, Wen Wei Dance at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa April 30-May 2 and Jenn Goodwin and Susie Burpee at the Enwave Theatre in Toronto April 30-May 2. As well, Dance Ontario’s Youth Board (DYOB) has organized a unique performance that will take place in two different locations at Toronto Pearson’s International Airport, Terminal 1 on April 29.

Quebec This year the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) will be holding its Second Estates General of Professional Dance in Quebec which will gather about 300 dance professionals and partners from around Quebec. April 23, 2009 is opening night and will be held at the Jean-Pierre-Perrreault Building of Circuit-Est Centre chorégraphique. Then, on April 24 and 25 the Estates General will move to the facilities of the Dance Department at l’Université du Québec à Montréal and l’Agora de la danse for two days of workshops. April 26 will take place at the Studio of l’Agora de la danse where close to 80 proposals will be debated and voted on in a plenary assembly. The proposals will form the basis for the Master Plan for Professional Dance in Quebec. For more information on this event contact Jean-Sébastien Rousseau (514) 523-1627 or email

April 18 and 19 the public is invited to Musée national des beaux-arts de Québec for Les Traces Choréographiques, an initiative of the RQD. This is a fun and unique interactive display resembling a game of choreographed hop scotch. On April 26, a series of free presentations and workshops will be held in locations such as Musée de la civilisation and Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. As well, there will be a special video and dance improv presentation held at the bar Le Cercle. All activities are free and are an initiative of the Conseil de la culture des régions de Québec et de Chaudière-Appalaches. For more information visit

Nova Scotia Leading up to International Dance Day, Nova Scotia celebrates Arts Education Week, April 20 – 24 with dance projects happening in schools throughout the province. Concrete Roots "Class Is In" project introduces bboying to junior and senior high school systems, they will be giving performances and workshops throughout the week. The schools will also be coming up with their own creative ideas to celebrate dance as an important factor in a healthy and active lifestyle.

Susanne Chui will spear head a city-wide project in Halifax where she teaches her movement piece 'The Longest Now', to dancers throughout the greater Halifax area. This choreography is of overlapping movement scenes performed by a group of dancers with music composed and performed by Rafael Franco. Susanne will summon her dancers to join her in a location to be announced on the afternoon of April 29. For those who want to participate, or observe further information is available at or contact Susanne Chui (902) 422-1749.

The National Ballet of Canada is a member of the CDA.

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada and advocates for a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive. CDA is a reputable source of information on the current state of dance in Canada and provides representation to policy-makers and the public. CDA enables its national membership of dance professionals and organizations to connect with their peers through regular communication, forums, conferences and workshops, and facilitates opportunities for networking, dialogue and exchange on topics relevant to the Canadian dance sector.

The 2008/09 season is presented
by CTV and The Globe and Mail.

The National Ballet of Canada gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Canada Council for the Arts; the Ontario Arts Council; the City of Toronto through the Economic Development, Culture and Tourism Department; The Government of Canada through the Honourable James Moore, Minister, the Department of Canadian Heritage; the Government of Ontario; the Ontario Arts Foundation; the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

National Ballet of Canada with its Artistic Director Karen Kain is famous for its superb ballet performances.

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