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 June 2009 - Nr. 6

OTTAWA – Several exciting events and important anniversaries take place in 2010, including the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Canada Post today announced that it will join in the festivities by issuing commemorative stamps marking these milestones and celebrating many other subjects of interest.

"Next year will definitely be a banner year for marvelous stamp subjects," said Robert Waite, Chairman of the Stamp Advisory Committee and Senior vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility at Canada Post. "There was a very diverse and impressive number of topics to choose from, which made final selection challenging. But in the end I believe we have created an outstanding stamp program, one which Canadians will embrace with pride."

Four commemorative stamps for the 2010 Winter Games, for whom Canada Post is an Official Supplier, follow the popular definitive stamps issued this year in celebration of Canada’s hosting this much anticipated athletic and cultural event. In addition, Canada Post will release two stamps in the popular Lunar New Year series, featuring the Year of the Tiger.

Three stamps will celebrate marine wildlife. The first two are part of a joint issue with Sweden Post and will feature sea mammals indigenous to the waters of Canada and Sweden, the Sea Otter and Harbour Porpoise. The third is a $10 high-value, engraved definitive stamp depicting the Blue Whale.

To welcome spring in 2010, the popular African Violet will grace two commemorative domestic rate stamps.

Canada Post will also be commemorating the Girl Guides of Canada, Rotary International in Canada, and the Canadian Navy, all of whom are recognizing 100-year anniversaries. Another commemorative stamp will honour the 400th anniversary of the community of Cupids, Newfoundland and Labrador, the first English settlement in what would become Canada and the second in North America.

Four stamps will showcase famous portraits of each of the Four Mohawk Kings, often referred to as Four Indian Kings, to celebrate the tricentennial of their diplomatic visit to Queen Anne in 1710. A stamp honouring Nova Scotian-born war hero William Hall will be issued for Black History Month in February. The Art Canada series continues with two stamps featuring works by Prudence Heward of Montréal, who made a name for herself as a figure painter. A stamp in memory of the many Home Children sent from the poorest parts of Britain to the British colonies also appears during the year.

Canada’s natural beauty attracts travelers from around the globe. There are many eye-catching and whimsical attractions to make our travels that much more enjoyable and Canada Post will issue the second set of stamps celebrating Roadside Attractions. These four domestic stamps will feature some of our country’s eccentric yet beloved landmarks: Davidson Saskatchewan’s gigantic Coffee Pot and Cup, Gladstone Manitoba’s Happy Rock, the Wawa Ontario Goose and Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan Quebec’s Puffin.

Monarchs have always had their place in Canada Post’s definitive stamp program and this year is no different with a domestic rate stamp featuring a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II taken during her 2005 Royal visit to Canada. Five new definitive stamps will feature the Canadian flag over historic mills: Old Stone Mill National Historic Site (Delta ON), Keremeos Grist Mill (Keremeos BC), Cornell Mill (Stanbridge East QC), Watson’s Mill (Manotick ON), Riordon Grist Mill (Acadian Historic Village Caraquet NB) and Canada Post will issue definitive stamps featuring Wild Orchids.

To celebrate the Christmas season, Canada Post will issue one domestic rate stamp depicting the Nativity and three stamps featuring Christmas Ornaments.

Canada Post will also release three Commemorative Envelopes to celebrate centennaries:
St. Thomas University (New Brunswick), University of Regina (Saskatchewan) and Le Devoir, an independant French newspaper in Quebec first published in 1910.


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