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June 2011 - Nr. 6
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

As you can see by our front page, this year we did not miss the most beautiful time of the year in High Park, Toronto. We went on an extensive photo safari and came home with some of the most beautiful images we have ever taken. This amazing display of blooms only lasts a few days each spring and is easily missed, especially by our busy fathers. Thus we offer this picture instead of flowers as salutation to their caring for us.

You might have noticed that our issue is a bit smaller than usual. The reason for that is not just an economy that is still slow, but also our effort to redefine ourselves once again. It is a slow process, and much work is involved. Thus we have less time to devote to being everywhere. Your help in feeding our community its news is appreciated. If you send a few pictures and talk to us or send us a couple of notes on the event, we can do the rest.

The summer is another reason why we tread slowly. This last winter was so long, spring was too short, and summer is really always too short. We want to make the most of it this year and take some deserved brakes.

I have sad news to deliver: John Raschke, past president of the Austrian Society has suddenly passed away. We saw him last at the annual Gala Ball, looking fabulous and happy. Please read Christine Meyer’s obituary.

On another note, the regular concert season is almost over. Via Salzburg had its last offering and announced a different venue for the next season, starting in the fall. Please go to for more information.

This makes room for all the wonderful and diverse happenings at Toronto Harbourfront Centre. Every day there is something special happening. Go to to choose your favorites. With so much to offer you do not even have to leave the city to be fully entertained summer style. If you use Google to find Toronto Pools you come to a site that lists all Toronto pools.

The Toronto Goethe Institut also has a few interesting items and suggestions on the agenda. Google Goethe Institut Toronto and you will find their website. The same goes for the German Consulate General which has also an event calendar connecting you to German culture.

Of course there is one very special occasion towards the end of the month. In Berlin the German Women’s team is starting the World Soccer Cup Games against Canada on June 26. 2011.

It will be shown at the Dundas Square, but the German Clubs in Scarborough and Brampton are showing it and I believe every other German Club in the region is also in on it. We shall hopefully all be there with bells on!

Have a great summer!

Happy Father’s Day!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

As the editor of Echo Germanica Sybille reflects on cultural, artistic, political and daily events within the German-Canadian landscape.

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