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June 2010 - Nr. 6
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

This is the only other time that I recall Pfingstrosen (Peonies) blooming at Pfingsten (Pentecost) in the 42 years I have spent in Canada. What a treat it is to see these magnificent big blooms in their full glory. The kind of weather we have had in May is unbelievably fantastic and made gardening joyous as well as a bit of a challenge, since everything happened so fast. Planted Gladiolas came out of The first white Pfingstrose (Peony) since plantingthe ground within 3 days! Cornflowers and roses, usually delighting us during a hot June or July are already at their prime. Clematis reached an unbelievable size and look like huge heavenly stars.

The raccoons are a bit of a pest, because they are extra hungry while feeding their offspring. Rather than letting them get unruly with the garbage I feed them occasionally the leftovers that otherwise would go into the bin. Thus they leave the garbage alone, are happy and healthy and do not cause trouble for the cats in the neighborhood. As a matter of fact they co-exist very well.

I have not met any of the young ones yet. Mom does not let them out of their den yet, but by Canada Day they will come around being introduced by their mother to “the crazy German lady that feeds everything”:  the birds, squirrels, cats and coons.

YES! And I get a tremendous amount of pleasure from it! I also try to plant my garden more and more to accommodate bees and butterflies. I am just so astounded how much wildlife there is in the city. I am equally astounded and annoyed by how many stray cats this city produces, which is simply a sign of people’s lack of responsibility and not understanding how important it is to fix a cat and take care of it properly. Perhaps I should not be surprised since the official places for the protection of animals lately has not done a great job either.

We are facing all the problems of summer already. The race for just the right features to make an outdoor living room has begun and sun umbrellas were already sold out in some places. On the hottest day so far, at 30 degrees Celsius, we made it to our all time favorite beach on Lake Erie. Since we played hooky in the middle of the week we had the beach practically to ourselves. This was most unusual for a European visitor we have as a houseguest from Austria, who is of course used to much more populated beaches.

Another delight was meeting Justin Trudeau in person. He proved to be as charming and eloquent as we expected him to be from having followed his rather public life.

On the art scene we enjoyed Via Salzburg’s last concert of a season. And a few folk festivities in our various clubs rounded out a busy month of May.

We are looking forward to all festivities of the summer and shall report to you all we can. A lady from Nova Scotia is inspired to move back to Toronto after reading about the activities in our communities in Echo Germanica. She feels a bit homesick.

I also want to let you know that the interview with Mutti Piller had to be postponed.

I do want to wish everyone a pleasant Father’s Day!

Until next time

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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