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August 2010 - Nr. 8

There is a story of a rich merchant who was known for his tremendous wisdom and prudence. He had two sons and it was the tradition that one of them would become the head of the family after his death. Since this merchant was already old he gathered his faithful friends and called his two sons. Then he took ten silver coins, gave each son five coins, and he said: “The day has come that I have to appoint one of you to be the head of the family. The messenger of death is at hand. I want you to take these silver coins. It is only little, nevertheless I want to test you in order to find out who of you is the wisest. The one who is able to fill the great barn from bottom to top with his five silver coins will be the new head of the family!”

The older son observed some of his father’s laborers working with sugar cane. He thought by himself that the old squeezed sugar canes could be some good material to fill the old barn. He gave the five silver coins to the laborers and they did what he told them. When the father and his faithful friends saw that the older son had filled the great barn from bottom to top they were amazed how wisely he spent the money. However, one of the friends said: “Let’s wait a little bit longer before you make your final decision. We want to see what your younger son will do!”

The sun had set already when the younger son arrived. He commanded the laborers to empty the barn. Then he took a small candle, put it in the middle of the great barn, and eventually lit it with some matches. The candle burnt brightly and filled the whole barn with its warm light – from bottom to top into the furthest corner. “This son is wiser”, said the father, “for his brother spent all his money to buy worthless sugar cane. But this one only spent a cupper coin and he filled the entire barn with light. He shall be the head of my family!”

So many times we use all our power, and brain, and money, and skills, etc for worthless things. Instead we should care for things that have eternal value. The light of God, his love, is so mighty and powerful that it is able to change a person’s heart. Let’s be human beings burning with this heavenly light.

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