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August 2010 - Nr. 8
Sybille Forster-Rentmeister, Editor-in-chief

Dear Reader

For the first time we contemplated taking a substantial summer break and skip an issue, but being German has its way of sneaking in with the discipline of old: you do not change a good routine without good reason. Our reason would simply have been that we wanted a break, but that is not enough to stop doing what we always do, and that is to at least have a small offering for you, our readers, even though the beaches are beckoning.

Speaking of beaches: If there are not children to be cared for it is a great time to grab a book and catch up on a little reading. Traditionally I read something very light, even something like romance novel, yes, you got that right! – but this time I took a couple of unusual books along, both in German. You can read Lake Erie: Even the seagulls prefer it cool!about them under “Für Sie gelesen”.

I recently heard from a reader who loves Long Point on Lake Erie. She was wondering where my favorite spot is. I can tell you that it is Long Point too. It reminds me so much of my youth and days on and at the Baltic Sea (Ostsee), where I was born, not in Berlin, as so many of you think. Perhaps it is even more beautiful than the Baltic, which does not have the dunes with trees on them, but the space feels similar with its wide open sky, only water on the horizon and pale sand, gulls littering the beach, tending their nursery, teaching their young ones to fly high, swallows suddenly swooping down for insect prey. A constant breeze off the lake makes it sometimes necessary to wear a light cardigan, even when the temperatures are 30 plus degrees on the other side of the dune.

In the city there is lots happening too and we did make an effort to go see a few happenings, but we skipped Caribana this year. It just is getting very big and I have not got the stamina anymore to stand for hours in the sun with a million people to watch the parade go by. Instead I enjoyed my garden morning, noon and night for meals and tranquility. This year we have attracted even more beautiful birds, which I have not even identified yet. They display remarkable colours like bright yellow and red. Butterflies and bees of various descriptions are also abounding. I guess we finally planted all the right flowers.

August is the last end of summer, which was much longer than usual, since it started so early, but it does not feel longer. This season can never be too long for me.

One last word in regards to the front page. We visited the annual event of the Remembrance Society at the Anny Tuerr Memorial and feted afterwards at Paul Tuerr’s farm. It is good to be reminded of the purpose and never lose sight of the society’s goals. If you are not a fan or member yet, it would be good to join so we have a voice for peace and tolerance that is loud and clear. I’ll give you the details in the report.

So, let us enjoy the rest of the summer to the fullest, let us meet at picnics and garden parties, on the beach and on boats, let us enjoy all that Canada has to offer that we love so much.

Until next time,

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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