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August 2010 - Nr. 8


“Honored Guests, dear members and friends of the German Canadian Remembrance Society.

Liebe Ehrengäste und liebe Mitglieder und Freunde der deutsch- kanadischen Gedächtnisstiftung.

This year we celebrate the 8
th anniversary of the Society and the 5th memorial service, here, at the Anna Tuerr Park in Mannheim.

Dieses Jahr feiern wir das 8. Jubiläum der Gedächtnisstiftung und die 5. Gedächtnisfeier hier im Anna Tuerr Park.

Since the beginning in 2002, we have increased our membership from the original 3 to more than 300 and as the Society becomes more visible through their key projects, more and more German Canadians are attracted to join.

The Remembrance Society is now involved in the planning and organization for events such as the annual German Pioneers Day celebrations, which are now commemorated in many cities in Ontario and also the main organizer for the annual Remembrance Day/Volkstrauertag, which takes place every year at the Woodland Cemetery to honour and remember those, who suffered and died in tragic circumstances.

Simultaneously, the society is involved in the long term task of restoring German cemeteries and the preservation of German heritage, hopefully within context of a future museum.

At the same time, the Remembrance Society also wants to keep all Canadians aware of the major contributions, German Canadians have made to this, our country, for more than 300 years and for more than 200 years, right here in Waterloo Region.

Much of this proud tradition has been overshadowed and is no longer part of public awareness, due to unfortunate events, which led to 2 wars in the last century.

These historic events of the last century also led in Europe to the forced expulsion of German settlers, who had lived peacefully and successfully for many centuries in Austro-Hungary and Russia or later in the many successor states, as part of a general persecution and suppression of all things German.

Without keeping these events in mind, it is not possible to understand, that preserving and maintaining our German heritage here in Canada is a difficult task at best. That it will take time, effort and patience, until the contributions of German Canadians in Canada will get again the recognition and respect, they deserve.

To this end, the German Canadian Remembrance Society wants to make a small contribution.

But as this service takes place at the Anna Tuerr Memorial, it is not only the memory of past events that moves us, but also the hope for a better world, filled with peace and good will to all.
Aber mit dieser Feier am Anna Tuerr Monument bewegt uns nicht nur die Erinnerung an die Vergangenheit, sondern auch die Hoffnung auf eine bessere Zukunft, eine Zukunft mit Frieden und gutem Willen.

Let us remember, learn from the past, and take the lessons of our personal and national history to heart, today and in the years to come.

Lasst uns erinnern, lasst uns von der Vergangenheit lernen, und lasst uns die Lehren der persönlichen und gemeinschaftlichen Geschichte zu Herzen nehmen, heute und in der Zukunft.“


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