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August 2010 - Nr. 8

Do you remember when we've begun
To dream our dreams, my friend,
As we have come with hope in our heart
To this so beautiful land?

Do you remember the courage we had
Starting our lives anew?
Some of our loved ones no longer there,
Earthly possessions but few.

Do you remember when our first steps
Became a golden chain?
As we worked and struggled with hope in our heart
We trusted it would not be in vain.

Our very treasured Canadian brothers
Filled our oh so longing heart
Through understanding, compassion and trust
They knew that some day we shall be a part

Of this great country "Our Canada"
So we united all may be
In human values, in noble actions
To challenge world's peace and harmony.

Copyright ©2010 Danuta Grigaitis
This page is reserved for poems, poetry, and poets. There are lots of poets in the German-Canadian community enriching us with poems and poetry.

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