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July, 2005 - Nr. 7


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Letter from the Editor

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister  

Dear Reader

It has been 138 years that Canada was founded as a Nation, 40 years that we enjoy the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag, 60 Years V-E Day, and also 25 years since we started singing the beautiful hymn "O Canada" in praise of our country- all on the first of July.

Chatting with Glenn Gould

These items are joyous ones, except one: V-E Day, which reminds us that freedom always comes at a price and that this price is always too high.

Freedom as a concept has many different meanings to many different people. Freedom of political oppression, which can take many different forms, often includes the search for spiritual freedom and the right to chose and practise ones religion without interference from the government.

We witness many such concerns in our world to this day. In China religious practises are not only unwelcome but violently opposed, as we learned recently while visiting an extraordinary art show, which featured old Chinese Masters as well as modern artist’s depictions of the suffering of the followers of a spiritual practice called Falun Gong.

We know of the Chinese takeover in Tibet and the fact that the Dalai Lama has to live in exile.

We know of very severe implementations of religious doctrine in many near and far eastern countries, seeking to oust all but one way of religious practice, and enforcing it with violent, destructive and deadly attempts to all who appear to oppose it in their eyes. This is the other side of religious oppression we can observe in our world.

We are in the know about economic oppression in many countries. People leave their homeland because it cannot feed them or keep them healthy. Africa is one of the best examples of these problems, which are sometimes made more difficult by climatic circumstances and old tribal rivalries and cultural differences.

Freedom to move about at will is also desirable and in countries where this is not allowed there will always be those that will try to escape the oppression.

Freedom of expression, to speak out and communicate in any form, and to read and listen to anything one chooses is also not a universal commodity. We know that China for instance has made it very difficult for its citizens to have external free Internet access and Satellite TV and is working with Microsoft on regulating software and other authorities in France in regards to TV broadcasts to tighten the net of freedom to a stifling and fully regulated minimum.

These are but a few examples on how freedom comes at high premiums to a lot of people.

In fact we are so aware of the terrible situations that our own youth is taking a hand early on in reminding us of what is important. For instance: Young Canadian actor Tyler Hines is working hard on getting High School kids involved in understanding and insisting on the use of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as supported by the United Nations.

It is wonderful to see young people being concerned and taking responsibility in the making of our future. Who would have thought that they are not just pleasure seeking, irresponsible goofballs who look at the world through ME, ME, ME eyes?

Well, you and I of course. We have several fine examples shining brightly in our youth section.

But it is summer, and it is hot and working is hard when cool waves are beckoning. After the long winter and cold spring none of us want to get too serious about life all the time. Thus we allow ourselves a break, as witnessed in out smaller issue this month…and who knows…Perhaps next month too?

We shall see. In the meantime, enjoy our glorious summer as best as you can. Perhaps we see you here and there at a picnic or gathering of sorts.

Happy Birthday Canada!

All the best,

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister


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