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 August 2009 - Nr. 8
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

Just like I said: Summer is for daydreaming and relaxing, for visiting friends and enjoying the outdoors. All these things led in Toronto to fleeing the city, because the stench of garbage was pretty much everywhere. We have the unfortunate pleasure of living on the first major escarpment of the city. The smell of rotting garbage rises up from the city and gets blown right across our hill. Until Friday night, just before City Council had to close down so our Jewish council members could be home before sundown, a last vote was taken and despite so much opposition, finally, the council approved the deal that the union had already accepted and ratified. In fact, they had started to clean up.

Just in time for Caribbean the deal was sealed. Lucky for them. I can just imagine the difficulty and cost to clean the debris after 1.5 million people in the downtown area ate and made merry. We could hear the sounds of the parade all the way on our hill near Casa Loma. After that we escaped to the north of Toronto, to Georgian Bay to be precise, where a stiff breeze and sunshine blew away whatever cobwebs we carried around in our heads. Good friends, good food and lots of laughter replenished our spirits. Coming back we noticed especially strongly how the city smells different from the open spaces north of here. It was like driving into thick molasses.

On another weekend prior we spent much time in Brampton at Carabram. This local folk’s fest was also a pleasant diversion from Toronto’s garbage vows. We also visited Kitchener for a Remembrance Society anniversary and you can read about our summer pleasures in the community in this issue, which remains small, due to my lacking desire to work. I would have never admitted it in my earlier years, but I have come after 4 decades to the conclusion that working too much in our short summers deprives us of much needed and wanted outside activities. We need that for our health, lest we turn into depressed individuals.

Unfortunately we have not made it to our favourite spot on Lake Erie. It simply was not hot enough to sit on top of a windy dune, but we hope that August will give us an opportunity to do so.

The community still has a few good picnics to offer where we will of course participate and hope to see you there too.

In search of a homeI do have a special favour to ask of someone. I am looking for a cat lover. Two more cats landed on my doorstep in desperate need of a home. There is especially a beautiful black and white female, very loving and attention seeking. I have taken care of her but cannot take her in, because I have already 3 cats. Another male I have kept reasonably warm and fed throughout the last winter. He is very shy and I have no idea if I can make him people friendly enough for adoption. I will try. But please, isn’t there someone out there who can adopt a lovely cat? She appears to be in good shape, healthy teeth beautiful fur - I brush her every day - and she really wants a home. Somehow she got lost or was forgotten. Call me if you can take her: (416-652-1332)

For now let us enjoy the rest of the summer and celebrate each warm day!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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