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 October 2009 - Nr. 10
The edior: Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

Dear Reader

Much has happened since Labour Day. We all got back into the grove. Work and play found a new balance and we reconciled ourselves half-heartedly with the fact that every summer has to come to an end. One month later we are starting to take delight in the glorious colours of fall. Our front page reflects the brilliant radiance of a sugar maple in my neighbourhood. I wish I would have the time to experience this unique phenomenon in Algonquin Park or some other lovely A new pumpkin from last year's Halloween decorationspot, but somehow we always miss the best time and end up having to admire fall in the city. But as you can see, there are some wonderful sights.

We started September with some highlights of German cinema at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Oktoberfest was also on the agenda and I can hardly count how many times I had to explain why we celebrate Oktoberfest in September, or why we do not call it Septemberfest.

Another highlight was a concert with the Fabulous Four, meaning of course an act that emulates the Beatles.

And while we totally enjoyed all these festivities we were vastly entertained by the political antics of our government, and thoroughly upset by the latest natural disasters in other parts of the world. Mix that with the personal trials and tribulations one hears about from friends and relations and we can say that life was in full swing.

Personally I am looking forward to some interesting entertainment, like Via Salzburg concerts, Opera York’s interesting offering of "The Rat that laughed", a new first opera of how a girl survived WWII while in hiding… And NO, this is not the Anne Frank Story.

There are all sorts of concerts in the clubs with popular German singers and then there will be a classical concert offered by Gordon Brown and friends. I hope you can make it to this wonderful offering of some of Franz Joseph Haydn’s most beautiful creations. There will even be a wonderful new ballet segment in its first performance ever.

Opera Hamilton is showing "Die Fledermaus" in Hamilton, something not to be missed, and the International Author’s festival has German content too, as does Roy Thomson Hall. Go to our event page on the net to find more listings.

Early October events will be covered in the next issue, since this one is coming about a bit later than usual. We ask for your indulgence.

Until we see each other at one of the many wonderful venues I bid you a colourful fall. May it get I bit drier than it is now!

Sybille Forster-Rentmeister

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